Welcome To Our New Blogger, Dr. Andrea Turpin!

Andrea Turpin – Baylor University

I am so pleased to introduce you to my Baylor colleague, Dr. Andrea Turpin.

Andrea has been my women’s history counterpart at Baylor since 2011. She teaches the American Women’s history courses while I have been teaching the European Women’s history courses. Andrea is also one of the most thoughtful and brilliant Christian scholars I know. Her research focuses on Religious and Intellectual History, History of the U.S. Higher Education, U.S. Women and Gender, and the Gilded-Progressive era. Her first book, A New Moral Vision: Gender, Religion, and the Changing Purposes of American Higher Education, 1837-1917, received three awards–the 2016 Guittard Book Award for Historical Scholarship from Baylor University, the Lilly Fellows Program Biennial Book Award in 2017, and the Linda Eisenmann Prize (Biennial) from the History of Education Society in 2018. Andrea earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, her M.A. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and her PhD from the University of Notre Dame.

Andrea is an experienced blogger and an excellent writer. She will be sharing the Wednesday slot on the Anxious Bench with me and David Swartz. Her first post will be June 26, so stay tuned!
Current and former Baylor History and Religion Graduate Students
If you look really hard in the picture of Baylor graduate students and faculty eating together at the 2018 Conference on Faith and History, you can see Andrea sitting at the end of the table on the right.

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